SHEIN Missing Package, Stolen: How get a refund in this case?

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    Shein Missing Package:

    Shein Missing Package: SHEIN is an internationally recognized B2C e-commerce brand that offers a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products, and accessories for every fashionista, kid and man as well as woman. SHEIN also serves as the best service and it is available globally. Shein Customer Service is one of the best customer services that are present to help you 24*7. You don’t have to worry much in any case your order is missing or delayed. You can contact customer services and the executives are present online to resolve your issues. Sometimes the package doesn’t arrive at the given time or schedule, hence there are options to track your order but because of a few reasons it gets delayed and may not reach your given location.

    So, in this article, we are going to talk about the process of how you will get the refund if your SHEIN package is missing.


    What SHEIN Policy Says?

    Well, the package does not get missing usually. As with SHEIN, you will not experience any inconvenience, it always provides the best services. The customer service is there to help and you can easily get a refund and can return as per the Shein Return Policy. As per the SHEIN trade rules of price and payment, in case SHEIN is unable to ship your goods or your package is missing, then the value of the package will be refunded in your SHEIN wallet or the original payment account.

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    How to get the Refund “Shein Missing Package”?

    Follow the given steps to get a refund:

    • Go to your SHEIN account.
    • Then go to “My Orders” and select the “View Details” option.
    • Check the status of your order, in case it is missing then follow the next step.
    • Contact Customer Services and wait for their instruction.
    • Follow the given instructions by the Shein Customer Service.
    • You will get the refund back in your SHEIN wallet or original payment account.

    What to do if my Shein package was stolen?

    Shein package normally arrives in 5-7 days after your order has been processed. When it comes to shipping, you will not face such problems. They’re swift, and their products are always exactly what they say they are. However, sometimes Shein may take a long time to deliver and if your order has not arrived in a fair amount of time, check to see if your customer protection period has not expired. Take images of your order from a parcel tracking system to prove it was not delivered. Contact the Shein customer service team in any way that is convenient for you and follow their instructions.

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    1. At first I did not want to write any comment or reviews but I don’t know what else to do. I placed an order through shein and I have used their company before they were good but this time I can’t find my items the tracking says that my order was delivered, I tried to call shein but I can’t find any valid phone number. I called ever toll free or other phone number that I found. Nothing !!! I don’t want a refund I just want my items and nobody is helping me.

    2. I ordered my things since October 4th and it says delivered on the app but I haven’t received them yet. I called the shipping company and they said their system shows that the package was delivered to my address, so there’s nothing more they can do for me. It’s really sad because I have a vacation coming up and was really looking forward to having my things ☹️☹️

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