Shein Customer Service: How To Contact And Return Policy

Shein Customer Service suggests that there are many e-commerce platforms available on the Internet, but none have the same maintain competency and uniformity as Shein. According to detailed and authentic reports of Shein Customer Service, Shein is one of the best shopping portals among all. We have decided to serve customers worldwide.

We maintain a constant supply of the latest fashion items and accessories to more than 220 countries in pursuit of this goal. The Shein Customer Service Department’s senior officials confirm that the administration is working aggressively to cover new areas with a more effective sales department.

How To Contacts Shein Customer Service​

How to contact Shein Customer Service

Long-tiring efforts are not required to access Shein customer service. The most convenient way to fulfill this expectation is a visit to

After this, all you have to do is log in to the Shein account and select the question from the dialog box regarding the issues you are facing.

Shein Customer Service USA Phone Number

  1. Why can’t I get my refund?
  2. How long does delivery take?
  3. How do I return an item?
  4. How long does it take for a refund to be processed?

In case you do not feel comfortable with the above practice, try any of these three methods. Again, relying on these three methods is a wise choice. Each process produces immediate results.

  • Toll-free: As per your choice, you can inadvertently consider any latest means of communication to have a candidate interact with a customer care representative to overcome problems. Honest representatives immediately accept your request without asking any questions.

Toll free Numbers are 06366370525 (India) / 1-843-314-4464(USA).

  • Live Chat: It is another fantastic option to consider when finding a satisfactory solution for every kind of issue in concern with Shein shopping. It would help if you never waited for the right time to carry out the candidate conversation with the senior representatives of the live chat department. It is a 24/7 convenience to benefit busy and
  • Comfort-loving people even more.
  • Ticket Submission: To clear every kind of confusion of respected customers, Shein administration and management have carefully configured the facility of ‘Ticket Submission.’ As per the profile of this convenience, you need to submit a ticket to get the queries resolved within a time limit of a maximum of 24 hours.

Incase Should You Have Broken Products Or Perhaps Maybe Not Happy With Your Shein Products. You Need To Appeal Request. There Are some Changes in Shein Return Policy.

The Way To Return Shein By Self Help


If You’d Like To Return Shein Product. You Need To Stick to the Easy Process That Can Be Mention Below:
Step 1- Login For Your Shein Account & Click My Order.
Step 2 – Select You Wish To Click And Return Return Thing.
Step 3- Select Item You Need To Return And Submit Forged To Return.
Step 4- Move Send & Print Return Label.
Step 5- Pack Your Item Or Stuff Stick The Return Label Using The Very Obvious Album.
Step 6- Move To Your Nearest Usps Office & Drop Your Package.

The Way To Return Shein With The Help Of Shein Customer Service

If You’d Like To Return Shein Product Using the Help Of Shein Customer Service You Should Stick to the Easy Process That Can Be Mention Below:

Step 1- Contact Shein Customer Service By minding Ticket. In Ticket, Sub-mission Indicate Them (S) Or Items Along With also The Reason. Shein Customer Service Will Get Back In The Next 24 Hrs.

Step 2- Once Receiving The Yield Directions From Your Shein Customer Service, Please Pack Your Thing (S) Together With the Initial Packing.

Step 3- Drop Your Package In The USPS Office.

Return Conditions:

Return Time & Order Status:

If You Received A Defective Or Damaged Thing (S) You Must Be Notified, Shein Customer Service Over 24 Hours and time frame for returns are 45 Days.

Return Not possible, In case:

    • Exceeds The Return Time-limit.
    • Return Without Application.
    • Return Non-Shein Items.
  1. Subscribe to your SHEIN account.
  2. Find the order in My Orders; click the”Return Thing” button.
  3. Choose the product (s) you would like to return, indicate why, and also apply.
  4. Print the Shein Return Label and firmly tape it out to your return package. Phone the post office to arrange an assortment or drop it off at your closest post office.

Could I still return products when they are worn out, broken, or possess the tags removed?

  • You can only return unworn, unwashed, undamaged things and possess the tags attached and the initial packaging.
  • The following items cannot be returned or exchanged: bodysuits, lingerie, swimwear, jewelry, accessories, and beauty (except ribbons, totes, along with mermaid blankets). Shein is not able to provide refunds on decorative if a hygienic seal was damaged. Items with non-returnable marks and gift items can’t be returned.
  • Refunds will be processed in 7 days after Shein receives your offer. The refund will be issued according to your request into your original payment account or your SHEIN Wallet.
  • Regrettably, your refund will demand an additional 35 days to process as a result of current circumstances. Thank you for understanding and for the patience.
  • The delivery price and insurance policies are all non-refundable.

How to Get Shein Return Label created by You? (Recommended)

Find the returned sequence in”My Programs” → Click” Order Details” → Click on”Return & Refund Record” at the upper right corner → Click”View” to download.

How to get shein return label through shine customer service?

Go to the “chat box”→ Submit “Order Details” → Submit “Return & Refund Record” with your name →Ask to provide your order “return label” → “Send” return label on “mail” or Over your “Phone.”

Please remember! Shein keeps updating the Shein Return Policy regularly to bring more transparency to the shopping experience. Kindly check all updates to keep yourself away from all kinds of unforeseen conditions.

Shein Customer Service Ensures Convenient Shopping

None of the fashion-conscious or glamour-loving ladies ever needs to compromise upon their appearance and looks. They can quickly comfortably meet their big ambitions upon Shein Website. This one of the finest and credible E-Commerce platforms comprises the most extensive collection of the latest fashion items and accessories at a reasonable price to serve more and more purchasers in a highly professional manner.

Besides, it provides complete freedom to every user to purchase the favorite items without any restriction. This professionalism favors the cravings of modern ladies even more as they can easily explore the latest collection of global fashion brands within minutes that too without coming out of home or office, even for a single second.

Contact Shein Customer Service

Another excellent characteristic of shopping with this leading shopping website is they get 24/7 assistance from sincere and dedicated representatives. Every staff member in the Shein Customer Care team consistently remains ready to acknowledge every request immediately to do the needful without any questioning.

These meticulously configured business standards confirm that a shopping experience like Shein is not possible to experience with any other E-Commerce platform. There are more exciting points to mention but let’s not discuss them. Just start shopping to experience such services.

Shein customer service

Check Regularly For Schemes And Discounts

According to the leading fashion designers and experts, every glamour-conscious lady explores the collection of latest fashion items and accessories upon Shein through any gadget regularly. A smartphone is the most acceptable product to depend upon. It helps to meet the expectation at any point of time with few simple taps upon the screen. Shein Customer Service consistently works to assist customers with lucrative deals.

In pursuit of this goal, sales teams regularly offer extremely beneficial schemes and offer to purchase the favorite dresses and latest jewelry items without compromising upon monetary terms.

Another excellent characteristic of visiting a website regularly is you never pay a single currency note to check the products. It is an accessible facility to carry out at any point in time. You do also not need the permission of anybody to satisfy cravings. To listen to something credible from the authentic sources, you can also talk to senior officials in the customer care team for the below-mentioned queries:

shein refund policy
  • Late delivery
  • Manufacturing fault
  • Receiving inappropriate sized dress
  • Bills are not available
  • Guarantee/Warranty cards are missing
  • Free products are not available in the box

You need to know that Shein is a global shopping website. Therefore, some kinds of issues might occur during the shopping experience. However, you never need to worry about any term if any discomfort creates some kinds of troubles for you. Find the contact information upon the official contact page and dial with complete confidence to get the confirmed solution.

Senior representatives in shein customer service and the shein customer care team immediately acknowledge your request to satisfy the same call. Key officials of this website take the best care for customers’ every need, but it requires you to comply with all stipulated terms and conditions to get the benefits.

How to Complain About Shein Customer Service

SHEIN is one of the most used and widely recognized B2C e-commerce platforms that provide you with a wide variety of accessories and clothes for both men and women as well as kids. It is loved by all of the trend lovers and is available 24*7 at your shein customer service.

It is convenient and easy to use to order and get the item at your doorstep quickly. It is spread in over 220 countries and is having the fastest delivery than others.

Shein provides impressive customer care services as compared to other online brands. It has many options to connect with the consumers, and it helps you in a brief time. But as everything has its pros and cons, so does Shein customer service is. And in case you are unable to complain regarding the shein customer services, Setup your account is there to help.

How to Complain About Shein Customer Service with SetupYourAccounts?

Set up your accounts gives you the best experience of shein customer services and helps you immediately. All you need to do is dial the toll-free number of Setup your invoice to verify this claim. You do not need to waste your time trying again and again if the shein customer service of Shein is not working. We are available for our caller, 24*7, and revert to the email as soon as possible.


Phone: 1-843-314-4464 Contact Shein Customer Service

How does SetupYourAccount work?

It is pretty impossible to manage your daily routine without a computer or technology in today’s world. However, only purchasing a desktop or gadget is not enough. You also need to subscribe to several services and software. It is effortless to subscribe, but it’s not that easy to fulfill the expectations.

As everything needs proper knowledge and learning. But You do not need to worry if you are facing difficulties while using such gadgets. Set up your accounts for you to help; you can talk to the experienced and passionate technical executive over the toll-free number or drop an email.

They will resolve the issue immediately and complete your request regarding the computer, tablet, mobile phone, and other kinds of gadgets. They will give you the solutions in a brief time.
They provide solutions for each problem related to computers. They are having a team of trained and skilled executives and technicians.

Need Help For Complaining?

It is not such a lengthy process. Set up your accounts is present 24*7 to help through their shein customer service. You have to visit their official website and follow a few simple steps.

  • Firstly you need to visit their website: Setup Your Accounts
  • Then go to the Contact Us section
  • You can choose to call or email; the team will reply to you as soon as possible.
  • Then you need to wait and watch; Setup Your Accounts will resolve your issue immediately.


Shein account department takes the best care for the safety and security of your payment cards. Therefore, you essentially have to answer each, and every question asked with genuine credentials and numbers. A highly secured payment gateway declines your payment if it tracks anything suspicious. You also have to make sure that your money card is valid and eligible to make transactions with Shein. Never get anxious on any term if your payment declines. It is a minor issue to resolve with simple efforts.

Every shein customer service is eligible to earn bonus points upon every purchase. To make more and more points, you need to purchase the latest products from Shein to match the pace with the latest trends and standards of the fashion industry. You will feel delighted to know that you earn one point for each dollar spent on the Shein website. Another excellent characteristic of this shopping website is it comprises the most expansive collection to serve every purchaser in the best possible manner.

Shein is one of the most credible shopping websites in the online shopping industry. To keep customers away from different kinds of hassles and inconveniences, the Shein administration has configured fantastic refund policies which can be used confidently to get the refund. You must return the package as per the stipulated policy essentially. Also, you have to wait for some time to get the refund. The accounts department credits the refund directly to your Shein wallet within 24 hours. On the other hand, you might need to wait for 48 hours to receive the rebate now into your bank account.

Senior officials of Shein work with transparent policies and business standards to ensure that every customer is enjoying shopping for the latest shopping accessories in a hassle-free manner. However, you must remain present at the mentioned address and receive the delivery. If you do not receive the delivery, then the package will return to Shein without notification. Consequently, you must confirm your presence at the mentioned address so that the delivery van can handover the ordered product according to the stipulated terms and conditions.

Shein never leaves a single stone unturned when it comes to delivering the product after acknowledging the order. This policy confirms that you will receive the delivery at the doorstep within 7-8 business days. However, you can also request the Express Delivery facility. As per the profile of this business-standard, we take a full 2-3 business days to deliver the items at the mentioned address. You can also contact the shein customer service care executive to know the status of witness any delay.

Accurate reports of leading regulatory bodies and positive feedback of online shein customer service confirm that every benefit of Shein proves better. It tries its best efforts to make customers feel extremely comfortable during any assistance. To change the shipping address that too after placing the order, you need to find a sincere shein customer care executive’s contact information and make a simple request. Shine Customer Care staff immediately responds to request to do the needful without asking any question. It is a free convenience. I don’t remember you spending a single dime to harvest the benefit of this service.

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