FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Skilled and passionate technicians of Setup Your Accounts always try their best efforts to resolve all kinds of common queries of our customers through this section. Here, you read updated information regarding all kinds of questions. So, feel free to fetch the desired results whenever needed.

Ques: How do I set parental controls on my Netflix account?

Technical teams of Netflix allow parents and guardians to set the 4-digit pin to stream the selected content. This feature proves of great use as subscribers can easily decide to give access, to mature content or not, to their under age kids. Entire exercise is easy to perform. Depend upon our remote services if some kinds of issues cause any kind of problem.

Ques: How do profiles work on my Netflix account?

In order to make your profile working in a proper manner, you essentially have to provide unique Netflix ID and password. As per your choice, you can also change credentials at any point of time to become ensure more safety. It is a free to use exercise eventually you never spend a single dime to reconcile on financial terms. Call us confidently. We always deliver satisfactory results on timely basis.

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Ques: Do you have customer service?

Yes! Setup your accounts provides highly effective customer services on immediate basis to help esteemed clients on instant basis. Dial our toll-free number to verify this claim. We are available on round the clock basis to make sure that wastage of time is not making your uncomfortable. We continuously keep improving our services on timely basis to make sure that any caller is not remaining devoid of the latest facilities and services.