SHEIN Missing Package or Not Delivered: Get 100% Money Back

If your SHEIN order not arrived, and want to get a refund if SHEIN missing package, don’t worry. We will try our best to help you solve the problem when they will be any problems with delivery.

You don’t have to worry much in any case your order is missing or delayed. You can contact customer services and the executives are present online to resolve your issues. Sometimes the order doesn’t arrive at the given time or schedule, hence there are options to track your order but because of a few reasons it gets delayed and may not reach your given location.

In this article, we will guide you how to get a refund when your SHEIN package missing or lost by following the steps below.

What does SHEIN Policy say?

Well, the packages does not get missing usually. As with SHEIN, you will not experience any inconvenience, it always provides the best services. The customer service is there to help and you can easily get a refund and can return as per the Shein Return Policy. As per the SHEIN trade rules of price and payment, in case SHEIN is unable to ship your goods or your SHEIN missing package, then the value of the order will be refunded in your SHEIN wallet or the original payment account.

Our company works only for USA customer, if you are from USA and you are facing any problem with SHEIN then contact us immediately. We will do your best to help.

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How To Get SHEIN Missing Package Refund?

Follow the given steps to get a SHEIN missing package refund:

  • Go to your SHEIN account.
  • Then go to “My Orders” and select the “View Details” option.
  • Check the status of your order, in case it is missing then follow the next step.
  • Contact Customer Services and wait for their instruction.
  • Follow the given instructions by the SHEIN Customer Service.
  • You will get the refund back in your SHEIN wallet or original payment account.

Toll free Numbers for Missing Package 1-843-473-8810 (USA).

People Also Ask Questions About SHEIN Package Never Arrived

What To Do If My SHEIN Package Was Stolen?

First and foremost, don’t panic. A SHEIN package can easily be replaced, but there are certain things that you should know before you get started. The first step is to contact a SHEIN expert and get all the information regarding your stolen order. They should be able to determine what happened to your packages and help you make the right decisions for replacement.

Does SHEIN Refund Stolen Packages?

Yes, SHEIN does refund stolen packages. But only if the buyer files a claim within 72 hours. The buyer should file a claim online or through the nearest SHEIN office to get the refund.

How do I find out if My SHEIN Package Is Lost?

If you have a SHEIN package that has been lost, you can contact the customer service team by going to the website and filling up a form. It may take a while to receive a response. If you need to track your package, you can do so by logging into the My SHEIN app.

How Do I Get SHEIN Missing Package Refund?

You will have to contact the customer service of the website where you purchased the SHEIN missing package, and ask them about their policy.

Why Is My SHEIN Delivery Taking So Long?

SHEIN deliveries take anywhere between 10 to 30 days, depending on the location of your product and how much time is spent by their warehouse team. The products are first packed and shipped to your local warehouse, and then delivered to you via a freight truck. They need to spend time at the warehouse, packing and unpacking your products, and then delivering them to your doorstep.

What Do I Do If My SHEIN Package Not Delivered?

First, check your SHEIN account to see if the package has been delivered. If it has, then contact the carrier and ask them to re-deliver it. If the order is still not delivered after a few days, then you can file a complaint with customer service directly. They’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours. You should also check the status of the package on SHEIN’s website and follow the steps given there.

What do I do if my SHEIN package says delivered but I never got it?

If your SHEIN order delivered but not received, you should first check your order history. This should give you an indication of the status of your order. If you don’t see the SHEIN package, or the status of your order, contact our support team via email. They will check your order history, and get back to you within 24 hours.

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  1. Lasership (home delivery service for SHEIN) has lost my SHEIN package. The tracking info now says to contact seller for refund. I can’t find a way to get in touch with SHEIN! It’s a $178 order and it’s all my grandkids clothes for Christmas. I must have a refund or they won’t be getting anything.

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