Where does SHEIN ship from

Shein is one of the most loved and used e-commerce fashion clothing platforms. Well, it does not only offer a wide variety of clothes but also ample accessories for both men and women and is available for kids as well. SHEIN is the platform that delivers worldwide and is serving the customers very effectively. Shein Customer Service is serving the customer worldwide 24*7 by different communication methods. They also have different shipping criteria. And if one is looking for trendy outfits at a lower price then SHEIN is one of the best choices for them.

Contact Shein Customer Service
Contact Shein Customer Service

In this article we are going to talk about, where do SHEIN ships from? As many have questions regarding this. Let us find out the answer for you. Read below to know more.

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SHEIN shipping information

Well, as mentioned earlier it ships globally and is present for every age group. One of the most common FAQs is “where does SHEIN ship from?”. Let me tell you the answer.


Mostly, the items of SHEIN ship from China. And they are having a warehouse in the United States also. It takes a minimum of 2 business days to deliver your order. And maximum it takes 15 business days to deliver your package.  Well, it also depends on the quantity of the items you have ordered. In case you need the item ASAP, then you need to order it prior 4-5 days before you want it.

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In the case of SHEIN UK, the order will be dispatched from your nearest warehouse as soon as it is possible. However, the majority of stock is available in China so, maybe you will be receiving different packages even for the same order. And the customers receive the item through the UK courier partners of SHEIN.

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