How Can Do Payment in Shein: Credit Card, PayPal & Others

Shein Customer Service Give Immediate Assistance

Accountable customer-care agents of contact Shein Customer Service consistently just consider the best take care of customer satisfaction and advantage. Just due to the process, they admit every sonication with standards that are authentic. This professionalism’s feature is that they offer opportunities to dictate the problem in more detail absorbed. You are assumed to not be worried about such a thing.

Go over every matter having a soul. Thus, sections that are concerned and pipes can understand the problems that are real to mend against the origin. Execution of measures could be your small business caliber of those coverages. Thus, the solutions are essentially fetched by you at the time period without going through any sort of blue, too.

Shein Com Introduction

Dedicated Workers Always Work-in Tandem

The whole team of Shein Customer Service always wants to function a growing number of callers with several advantages. There are opportunities to witness features for advantages. That your query is welcomed by agents that are sincere. The phone call may be at your convenience. The helper is never met by callers. Direction and administration maintain selected executives and lines. It means without moving through the frustrations of time, callers speak with the person that is seasoned to overcome the blues.

Lively and time-conscious men and women choose the help of Shein’s phone number over the rest of the alternative choices. They understand there isn’t any additional supplier within the category that preserves proficiency. Shein anticipates producing as maximum as callers contented results. Callers undergo the most useful standards. Yet another feature of employing this facility would be that your services improved. Key officials improve standards to lessen the ceremony period and continue to maintain past hassles apart.

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Make a choice today.


Shein Customer Service Toll-free Numbers are 06366370525 (India) / 1-843-473-8810 (USA)

How to Pay by Credit Card on

Whatever You Have to do to add Shein Credit-card with Gift or Account card Procedure is to Follow along below-mentioned steps:

See official Site
Choose payment Department
Input the name and email ID to Incorporate Shein Credit-card with the Gift or Account Attention process
Input the Significance of Preference then click ‘move to Pay for’
View the payment option
Pay by Credit Card

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Shein Alternative Payment Method: (If Credit Card Not Working)

Contact Shein Customer Service
Contact Shein Customer Service

Paying with Pay Pal

  • Using PayPal, you can send payments safely online and fast.
  • You can pay with a bank card, bank card, or bank account balance.
  • Once your order is filled, you may soon be redirected to PayPal’s site where the payment could be made by you.

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Advantages of using Pay Pal:

  • Payment is Desired.
  • You are able to follow the status of your payment with your pay pal account.
  • Payment doesn’t demand that you utilize your charge card on the web (you may transfer directly from the banking accounts).
  • will not view your credit card number (it is safely encrypted through PayPal’s host ), which restricts the probability of unauthorized usage.

Paying with Western Union:

We’re also pleased to just accept Western Union payments in USD, EUR, and GBP money for the majority of orders.
Please consult with this next payment advice to learn further:
Be competent To:

  • Firstname: Xiurong
  • Lastname: Gu
  • Address : Room 703, Xianfeng Plaza, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Zipcode: 210007
  • City: Nanjing
  • Country: China


Please notify us through internet chat or submit an application together along with your ORDER NUMBER, WESTERN UNION CONTROL NUMBER, ORDER AMOUNT, FIRST and LAST NAME, STATE AND COUNTRY once you send payment through Western Union.

Paying with Wire Transport:

We’re also pleased to just accept Wire Transfer payments in USD, EUR, and GBP money for the majority of orders.
For Wire Transfer payments

  • Sub-branch: Nanjing Branch
  • Account-number: 6226682001374255
  • Account Name: GU XIURONG
  • Account Address: Yudaojie NO.30,45 Building 101, Nanjing,Jiangsu,China


Please notify us via internet chat or distribute tickets together using YOUR ORDER NUMBER, AMOUNT, SENDER’S FIRST AND LAST NAME, SENDER’S COUNTRY, SENDER’S PHONE NUMBER, AND TRANSACTION ID once you send payment through Cable transfer.

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