How to Request a Refund for Tinder [Plus & Gold]

Many of the times and usually, all charges for in-application buys are non-refundable, and there are no discounts or credits for mostly utilized periods. Tinder might make an exemption if a discount for a Tinder membership offering is mentioned 14 days of the exchange date, or if the laws material in your locale accommodates discounts. Check the Terms of Use of Tinder to know more.

It shows that you have subscribed using Apple’s App Store. Apple measures all exchanges, discounts, and transactions, directly not Tinder.

They can’t offer help for discount demands identified with Apple exchanges, however, you can contact Apple by yourself immediately. To get the discount or refund from Apple, visit their site or follow the given methods:

  • Go to iTunes on a PC
  • Snap-on your Apple ID
  • Select Purchase History
  • Discover the exchange and tap Report Problem

Does your Tinder request number begin with “GPA”?

In case your request number begins with “GPA”, your buy was prepared through the Google Play Store and you can demand a discount or refund directly from the provided link on the website.

Does your request number begin with “TNDR” or COSU”?

This implies your buy was made on or on Android, utilizing the immediate Visa installment alternative. It would be ideal if you demand a discount and refund.

Tinder Duplicate or Incorrect Charges

For iOS

In case you have made the transaction on your iPhone, then you can contact Apple Support to report this issue. Apple deals with all exchanges legitimately, including discounts and refunds.

For Android

Does your request number begin with “GPA”?

GPA means your transaction and buy was made using Google Play and the company urges you to contact Google Play Support to report this issue.

Does your request number begin with “TNDR” or “COSU”?

In case the appropriate response is yes, then you can report a charging issue or solicit a discount or refund by reaching the company through the given link. (Tinder Online)

In case this buy was made on, then you can report regarding the concerned issues like billing on the given link.

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